Meet Princess Kossy of Federal College of Technology Yaba

Have you met Princess Kossy of Queen Varsity Afrika Reality Tv 2019 #teamYABATECHvarsity

My name is Kossy, from Enugu State, I’m 21yrs old, currently a student of Yaba college of technology, Computer Technology Department, I’m from a single mother and we stay in Lagos . 

I’m a content creator and manager on YouTube, I also do a lot of script breakdown for producers and directors.

I’m loving, intelligent and fun to be with, take a bite and you will forever be addicted to me!

Shoutout to all my coursemates, you guys have been wonderful and also to Yabatech as a whole, you are the best, Yabatech never felt like a poly to me because of its zeal in breeding greater generations full of potentials.

Shoutout to my family and friends who’s always stood by me, loved me and supported me irrespective of my flaws, my life would be incomplete without you all… As a child, staying with my grandma in a small village, I didn’t get all the opportunity or support I should have but as I grow I started to understand that there’s more to life than mere eyes can see, life doesn’t wanna know where you’re from, who your parents are (single or not), what you have or what you’ve been through. Whatever decisions you make is true, whoever you said you are is true, and Karma is true and real. Living your life and being grateful to God and to all beats every other thing. Do your best, love, work, make friends, learn and strive for more and remember your whole purpose is to be happy and peaceful. 

All of this I bring to you on this show, I promise that no matter who you are, your age or status, you gonna be learning a lot from me as you will be embracing life full of positivity.

Keep supporting me, vote for me, spread  the gospel to others and I won’t let us down. 

Queen Varsity Afrika Reality Tv now airs on NTA 2 channels on DSTV 369/Gotv 114/ Startimes 104 every Sunday by 4.30pm and repeat episode every Wednesday same channels by 9.30pm.


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