Our Team

The Queen Varsity Team is geared towards building a formidable force of young professionals who will aid local authorities, police departments and charities across the country to help combat and raise awareness on:

  • Terrorism and the influence it has on the young and impressionable
  • Rise in use of drugs by young people and help elaborate the consequences of long-term use
  • Raise awareness on sexual health and the spread of STD’s
  • Young people and Alcohol – How street/binge drinking is perceived
  • Drug use and abuse – Highlight dependency/withdrawal issues
  • Mental well-being
  • Encourage academic studies and the benefits they provide
  • Weight issues – encourage healthy eating.
  • Help raise self-esteem – through mentoring and leading by example
  • Aid better managed conflict resolution on streets, especially within the ethnic minorities
  • Gang cult/cultism and its effects on peoples future
  • Lack of social skills in impoverished regions